Assorted Gift Set

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A perfect assorted gift set for love one in a special occassion
Magnetic Cloth Rail Flexible + Powermagnet + Car Bag Holder + Easy Clean Sink Trash Bag

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How to use


Magnetic Cloth Rail Flexible: Position it in the sink and attach it to the counter magnets that are placed at the back of the sink. Finally secure the position with 2 sticker sheets. Watch Video

Powermagnet: Stick it any smooth surface, then place metal items for hanging. You can see how Powermagnet is used for our shampoo holder product by click here

Easy Clean Bag: Place it over the wet sink. After finishing the peeling work, wrap the bag, drain the extra water and throw it away. Watch Video

Car Trash Bag Holder: Stick the metal plate to a smooth surface in the car, then hang the trash bag by using the Magnetic Hook. Watch Video



Magnetic Cloth Rail Flexible:
Hang your dirty dishcloth on this Magnetic Cloth Rail to let the water dripping off to the stainless steel sink, so your sink counter is always clean and tidy. This flexible version Cloth Rail can be bent in and out to fit into the corner of your sink. By using a pair of Counter Magnet placing at the back of the sink to attach the Magnetic Cloth Rail, you will have it placed in the sink securely. The set up does not require any tools, but only few second of work. It's perfect solution to hide the dishcloth without making any holes and scratches. Multiple colors are available to match the style of your kitchen.

This self-adhesive Powermagnet can hold up to 500 g. It is definitely a good product to save space by holding items, such as vacuum cleaning hose (metal part) in storage room, electric shaver (w/ battery) in bathroom, and etc. on wall. It is also easy to remove and put it up again in few second. So from now on, stop making holes and scratches to the wall, but just use this strong Powermagnet to hold up items on walls.

Car Bag Holder
Don't know what to do with the garbage in your car? Try our new product, the Car Bag Holder. Just by using a small but strong magnet to hold up the garbage bag next to your seat or the passenger seat, then you can dump the trash in a easy reachable distance, without disturbing your driving. It also helps to keep your car tidy.

Garbage bag for sink
This garbage bag can let you wash and peel off skins of whatever fruits and vegetables in the sink, then just wrap up the garbage bag, squeeze extra water and throw it away when you are done. The garbage bag is made out of LDPE, which adds no harmful material to the environment. It save you time and work of cleaning the sink when you prepare ingredients for cooking.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Package Magnetic Cloth Rail Flexible x1 Powermagnet x1 Car Bag Holder x1 (incl. garbage bag x25) Sink Garbage Bag x15


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